Sticky Rice Makes Everything Nice

Sabb Der Thai Restaurant
Shop 1, 1-3 St Johns Ave, Springvale VIC 3171
Ph: 03 9546 0599

Sabb Der opened in early December 2015, replacing the much-loved institution Me Dee Thai.

On paper at least, the menu hasn’t altered greatly although there has been a shift towards E-San or North-eastern style cooking.

After a few visits, I’ve managed to try a good cross-section of the menu and it’s difficult not to compare or contrast the individual dishes with those of its predecessor Me Dee.


It’s cash only so make sure you arrive with the folding stuff

The smaller plates and Thai salads I’ve been ordering remain my favourites from the menu. Dishes such as Kor Moo Yang (grilled marinated pork neck), Sai Oua (Northern Thai sausages), Nua Num Tok (grilled beef salad) , Soup Nor Mai (sliced bamboo shoot salad) , Tub Waan (sliced pork liver salad) and Yum Leb Mue Nang (chicken fee salad).


Kor Moo Yang – Grilled marinated pork neck served with Nam Jim Jaew


Sai Oua – Northern Thai Sausage made from minced pork mixed with Thai herbs, spices & red curry paste


Nua Nam Tok – Grilled beef salad with lemon juice, fish sauce, chilli, ground roasted rice, red onion, spring onion coriander and mint

Ordering a few of these small plates and salads is my preferred way to eat here.


Soup Nor Mai – Sliced bamboo shoot with lemon juice, fish sauce, chilli, ground roasted rice, red onion, spring onion, coriander and mint


Tub Waan – Sliced pork liver with lemon juice, fish sauce, chilli, ground roasted rice, red onion, spring onion, coriander and mint


Yum Leb Mue Nang – Chicken feet salad with lemon juice, fish sauce, spring onion, coriander & mint

Add a bowl of soup for the table (such as the Tom Sabb with soft pork bones), team with plain or sticky rice and you’re set.


Tom Sabb with soft pork bones

I’m a little less enthusiastic about some of the solitary dishes I’ve sampled thus far. The boat noodle soup is still okay, but it’s not as good as the version Me Dee were serving previously.  Similarly, my all-time favourite Khao Pad Krapow (stir fried chilli & basil minced chicken served over steamed rice with a fried egg) lacks the requisite intensity or punchiness.


Boat Noodle Soup with beef


Khao Pad Krapow – Stir fried chicken mince with chilli & basil served over steamed rice with a fried egg


Suki Hang – Glass noodles stir fried with suki sauce and vegetables


Khao Pad Gai – Fried rice with chicken


Vegetable Spring Rolls – (also available with a chicken or pork filling) if you must order them ;-)

Whilst not everything on the menu is as stellar as before, there’s still ample to keep me returning, especially when I factor for the scarcity of good Thai food anywhere in Melbourne.

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  1. Looks very yummy. Would you ever consider eating at a restaurant solely on the basis its name lends itself to some horrid pun?

    • I’d certainly consider it.

      I gather you mean restaurants like;
      Thai Tanic
      Thai Pod
      Thai Foon
      N’ Thai Sing

    • I think the craft beer industry is making it’s entire marketing campaign around that very idea. I guess it’s a busy competitive world so places need some way of standing out from the crowd – as long as the food live up to expectations.

  2. When are you returning to your blog? I enjoy reading your posts!

    • Sorry for not replying sooner, have had plenty of distractions.
      Have just moved to a new apartment in Carnegie & hope to start writing again once I’m settled in.
      Thanks for the feedback & apologies again for not responding till now.

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