A Burger Fit For a King

Luxembourg Bar & Bistro
2/157 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182
Ph: (03) 9525 4488

It seems a little weird sauntering into Luxembourg Bar & Bistro and bypassing the exquisite menu to order a burger.

But then again this is no ordinary burger, this is a luxury burger or to be more exact, a Luxemburger.

The Luxemburger is only available on Sunday and I reckon they’ll be plenty of takers once the word gets out and the hard-core burger boys make a beeline toFitzroy Street.

The burger comprises a grass fed beef patty, foie gras, truffle mayo, Comte cheese, grilled onion & dill pickle. On its own, the burger is priced at $23 or you can add a serve of French fries and a can of Moritz beer for an even $30.

I didn’t know what to expect will all those luxurious ingredients in the mix, but this is a real dirty & delicious burger that startlingly manages to capture all the positive traits of a fast food style burger.

Nice work Chris Watson, very nice job indeed chef.




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