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The following are the Blogs that I regularly turn to for information & inspiration.  They are people whose opinions I respect & rely upon for keeping in touch with the ever changing Melbourne food scene.  There are plenty of other blogs I browse for their beautiful food photography and coverage of the latest new openings, but the blogs listed here are the ones I value particularly.

What’s Up, Buttercup
What’s up Buttercup focuses on wine tastings, beer nights, cocktail sessions, degustation dining and other often unpublicised food festivals & events. There is always plenty happening in Melbourne, although discovering what’s on & when can be difficult unless you’re in the know. Be sure to regularly check out what’s up Buttercup’s “calendar of events’ to make sure you don’t miss out.

Eat Australia
Formerly known as Eat Melbourne, a move to Sydney mid 2015 has demanded a name change.   Looking ahead, the blog will concentrate on Sydney & Melbourne and possibly further afield down the track.  The posts on the blog are all incredibly detailed and the opinions are ones you can trust when deciding on where to spend your hard earned.

Consider The Sauce
Consider the Sauce covers the Western suburbs of Melbourne & does a notable job of sniffing out many unsung heroes that seem to get missed by mainstream media and fellow bloggers.  Most of the establishments fall into the cheap eats category, but there are some real gems reviewed that are worth exploring.

Footscray Food Blog
Sadly the Footscray Food Blog isn’t getting updated as frequently as in the past; however this blog still remains one of my favourites.  Footscray is an amazing suburb of Melbourne to explore and the Footscray Food Blog remains a valuable resource for navigating the diverse multicultural offerings.

Sharking for Chips and Drinks
The blog’s founders Nick & Helen may now be based in London, however with the help from a team of contributors manage to keep their finger on the pulse in Melbourne & beyond.  Always plenty of updates being posted and there are some very handy guides if you find yourself travelling internationally, especially around Asia.

The Burger Adventure
The longest running burger review site and in my opinion the most qualified & trusted resource for getting the gossip on Melbourne’s burger joints. Just quietly, I also like that these guys order burgers how they appear on the menu & don’t  deem it necessary to pimp their burgers with three additional patties or more.

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