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Me Dee Thai

Me Dee would easily rate as my favourite casual Thai eatery in Melbourne, and I have tried more than my fair share over the years.  Having shopped in Springvale with my Thai wife most weekends for over two decades, Me Dee had become a regular choice for a quick lunch before heading home to cook up a storm with all the specialty Asian ingredients available in the area.

Sometimes we’ll share a few small dishes like neua yang nam tok (grilled beef salad), larb gai (chicken mince with red onion, chilli, lemon, ground rice & fresh herbs), yam nor mai (bamboo shoot salad) or perhaps the por tak (seafood in a spicy clear soup).


Neua yang nam tok (grilled beef salad)


Som tum (papaya salad)


Sai krok Isaan (Thai sour sausage)


Yam nor mai (bamboo shoot salad)

Other times we’ll just order a single item each, maybe boat noodle soup or what the Thais refer to as ‘lard khao’ (served over rice).


Stir fried chicken mince with garlic, chilli & holy basil over rice served with a fried egg

Me Dee may be a cheap & casual experience, but the food certainly hits the spot.

If driving out to Springvale is a bit of a stretch, check out their newish outpost located within the Paramount Centre food court located within the Melbourne CBD.  The food court itself has seen better days, but it’s worth putting up with to eat such authentic & affordable Thai food.

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