During my late teens and early twenties, thanks largely to the generosity of well-heeled relatives and friends, I had the pleasure of eating regularly at some of the best restaurants in Melbourne. We would often dine at the likes of Marchetti’s Latin and Tuscan Grill, Di Stasio’s, Maxim’s at Como, The Mask of China, Flower Drum, and the amazing Akita in North Melbourne.

The restaurant scene has certainly evolved since then, however many of those restaurants are still operating and remain highly regarded. I’m certain these early experiences helped shape my love and appreciation of good food.

Whilst growing up, my parent’s would constantly remark that I had “champagne taste on a beer budget”, although I beg to differ and don’t feel compelled to spend a lot of money to eat well and experience quality food.

I don’t see myself as a critic and for the most part I’m not fond of the foodie title either. I enjoy keeping tabs on the never ending stream of new openings and love discovering places that are off the radar and deserving of greater attention. Hope to share a few of my original discoveries and perhaps provide a different take on some of the higher profile establishments being reviewed elsewhere.